About Us

In 1962, Mohammad Pervaiz created a recipe of Grato Jalebi in Sargodha. He unrestraint the process of Jalebi preparation from traditional contents and process. He just prepares combination of fine wheat (Maida), Yeast and water and then flooded the thick and crispy golden-brown produce in sugar syrup. Delicious, crispy, fine flavor GRTAO JALEBI was created.

Afterward Mohammad Idrees continues his father business with new techniques, at Lahore in plot next to Pak AIMS college Gulberg near Centre Point. And now with true genuine recipe, delightful, crunchy Grato Jalebi is available at two candid shops in Lahore.

– Allah Ho chowk Near Iceland, Johar Town.

– Walton road Defence more.

Now A days, the attractiveness of Grato Jalebi is evident by the fact that there are several shops in Lahore and many more around the country which claims to sell “the original” Grato Jalebi. But there’s only one true The Grato Jalebi, Mohammad Idrees said, and try all they might, the fakers always fall short of matching original recipe created at Sargodha.

The copycats don’t bother us much,” Muhammad Idress claims that he is genuine legitimate successor of The Grato Jalebi and has adequate lovers of Grato jalebi all around the world, who always like to come at our shop with love and shows affections.

Grato Jalebi has added a great addition to dessert after meals.